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Windows and Doors are important and vital to all homes and businesses. Windows and doors offer so much to your place whether it be for looks, to greet people, to protect your family, to gaze at the landscape or to be the very key aspect of your business or home that customers and friends see first. With the best windows and doors, your home or business will look welcoming, open, spacious and comfortable.

Replacement Windows and Doors installed with a beautiful view, sliding doors

Windows and Doors provide the very first impression when a customer comes to your shop or when family or friends come over for a house-warming party. Above and Beyond will work to make sure the outside of your home or business looks exactly how you want it to, without shelling out more than you should.

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Types of Windows

Like all of our services, we offer a wide variety of everything so that you can get exactly what you want. Our windows vary from vinyl windows, replacement windows, and casement windows. Each type of window offers certain benefits and allows homes to have different looks. Let us help you decide which one is best!

3 vinyl replacement windows installed by Above and Beyond Roofing

Vinyl Windows

Windows can make or break a place. With the right choice of window material and the correct work done, we can make your windows as clear as day. One of our top window choices is a vinyl window. With this type of window, your place will save money on energy, as the windows are energy-efficient. You’ll save on designing features because vinyl windows don’t need maintenance of painting, staining, or touch-ups. Pella Windows has special features to give you the look and design you need without all the pain of trying to paint or refinish your windows.

Windows and Doors - Window glass replacement near me

Years down the road, your vinyl window will maintain its clearness and allow your place to reflect the light of day perfectly. Vinyl windows are cost-efficient with high-quality effects. You can customize your windows to be double paned or even triple paned windows. Above and Beyond has years of experience to install the perfect vinyl windows that will last you years to come.

Replacement Windows.

Life happens and so do window repairs. Above and Beyond can see beyond the window and know where the problem is and what needs to be fixed. If your windows are old and you aren’t sure who installed them, give us a call. We can give you a free estimate and explain to you the different options we have.

Older windows allow the temperature to fluctuate inside. We can repair windows to revamp your system and save you money on gas. We can customize your replacement window to take shape exactly as the last window. We know change is hard, which is why when we replace windows, we do our best to structure the design to maintain its last look while also giving you additional benefits of warmth, glare, color, styles and more.

Don’t worry about what to do when something happens to your window. This is our forte. We thrive in rebuilding and restructuring replacement windows. Windows are key to homes and businesses so why settle for anything less than clarity? Our replacement windows offer customized colors, looks, finishes and more and we can repair the window fast and effectively so you won’t need to worry about another replacement for years to come.

Casement Windows

A casement window opens different than other windows. It has the capacity to open left, right, or from the middle. Above and Beyond is a company of many specialties and creations. Your house should be the same. Casement windows are best for spots where there is easy access to the window. This could be your kitchen, in your bathroom or in the living room.

Casement windows are ideal for making your home look and feel more open while still maintaining a classy look. These windows allow for the resale value of your home to go up because they’re better windows, look nicer, and are welcoming to those who are looking to move in.

vinyl windows with blinds built in

Casement windows are great for homes in Kansas because of the complete ventilation openings. These windows have easy levers to open and close. Certain additions and upgrades can make a house become a home.

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Wood Windows

Wood windows are especially popular in College Hill, Mid Town, and other Small Town Historic Areas. These wood windows give customers and homeowners the opportunity to customize their homes and modernize the look yet still looking classy. Wood windows are perfect for any home because of the multi-color stain colors available. You can mix and match any stain and perfectly compliment your home.

Types of Doors

The entrance, side door, back door, garage doors and any door in your home is important. We specialize in all types of doors from exterior and interior doors, glass doors, wood doors, storm doors, sunroom and patio doors and sliding doors. We are here to help you in order to recommend and install the perfect door for all your needs and wants.

Exterior Doors

The outside doors, or exterior doors, are important for many reasons: it’s the entrance of your home, it’s where everyone enters, it’s a safety measure, it’s style, and it’s the one piece of your home you cannot skip out on. Your door can be perfect yet still won’t cost you an arm and a leg. At the same time, it’s not something you want to do the bare minimum.

Exterior doors can be all kinds of things. They can be a grand entrance to your home with intricate details and woodwork or gated door frames with a French door-style opening. Whatever it may be, let us help you achieve that look.

Storm Doors

The best way to secure your home is with storm doors. These doors protect your home from all outside elements. Whether rain, snow, hail, wind and debris or other severe weather conditions, storm doors protect your entry door. An added benefit of storm doors is the insulation capabilities.

Because storm doors are for securing your entryway door, there are many beneficial features to do so. With automatic closing, these doors are never left open. Depending on the material used for the door, you can use it as an open view of the outside. Glass, screen, or other panels can be the main cover of the storm door to allow for clarity.

Custom doors on a residential home installed by Above and Beyond Roofing and Construction

Above and Beyond can check to see if a storm door is best for you. Because of the installation process, you have to be sure a storm door is possible. Doors may not allow for screen or glass doors to be placed in front. Because of our years of experience, we can check to make sure to see what the best plan of action is and if we would recommend one in place.

Sliding and Sunrooms Doors and Windows

Sliding and sunroom doors may not be a necessity for your home but with Above and Beyond, they are not out of reach. We can maximize our efforts and time and do the job in a quick session or two, which helps minimize the cost. We want your home to be everything you want and having a sunroom or sliding door is ideal for total relaxation and scenic views from inside your home.

Exterior French Door Replacement

Interior doors

The inside of your house shouldn’t suffer because a casual passerby doesn’t see it daily. You should live in a home that makes you happy and proud and you can achieve this with Above and Beyond interior doors.

Window and Door Installation

With years of experience in window and door installation, your new windows and doors will be up in no time. Many homeowners and business owners know they need work done but it’s the installation process keeping them from upgrading their place. Leave all the installation to Above and Beyond. We take the proper measures to ensure a smooth process. We map and plan out our installation process so that the installation is flawless.

Custom Wood Door with windows above and beside the door

Many times, we are asked about our experience and knowledge. We’ve been in business for years and have installed countless windows and doors. Give us a call to look at our before and after windows and doors to see our perfect work done in real life. Our construction of windows and doors is second to none because of our years in the business and our team of knowledgeable staff who will work to meet each and every need of our customers.

Did you ask, “where is a window and door contractor near me?” Above and Beyond Roofing and Construction is located at 401 E. Grand #401 Haysville, KS 67060 and we service the 50-mile radius around the greater Wichita area. Want quicker service? Call 316-719-2819