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Siding protects the exterior side of a wall of a house or commercial building. The material is attached on the outside of the home for cosmetics, security, and insulation from the elements. There are multiple kinds of siding: vinyl, metal, wood, fiber, brick and many more. Above and Beyond will walk you through the types of siding, the use of these types of sidings and how we install them for you.


Choosing a Siding

There are multiple kinds of siding as stated above. We will go through each of the core groups of siding. Although there are multiple choices to choose from, it’s important to look at the factors around your home that could affect certain types of siding.

Things to consider when determining the types of material:

  • • Weather
  • • Energy
  • • Design
  • • Durability
  • • Cost


When your home is being built or reconstructed, it’s best to think about the weather conditions it will face each season. Here in Kansas, we know our seasons are very distinct. Make sure to choose a water resistant siding versus one that is not as susceptible to variations in climate.

Because our seasons change distinctly from one another, some siding seals thermal insulation better than others. With cold seasons, you will want to make sure to choose a siding that allows for heat to stay trapped inside. This saves money and energy in your home and helps you rest easy for the entire season of winter.

Neighborhoods may have a certain code of style or look you are allowed to implement. Be sure to abide to the guidelines, but also make sure you choose a siding that best suits your style.

Some siding styles require more maintenance than others. If you enjoy repainting your home every so often and love change, then wood siding is best for you. If you want one installation of siding to go up and almost never have to change it again, then vinyl siding would be best for you.

All siding is priced differently than others. Your look and durability don’t have to suffer because of cost. Thanks to the multiple variations of siding, you can choose the look you want, for the price range within your budget.

Types of Siding

Siding is important for many reasons because it is the main feature of your home in looks but also keeps your home grounded and protected. There are multiple kinds of siding. Above and Beyond wants to get you to your dream home so we make it possible to choose from a wide variety.

  • • Vinyl siding
  • • Metal siding
  • • Wood siding
  • • Fiber siding
  • • Brick or stone siding


Vinyl siding is very durable and lasts for decades. There are a vast amount of options for vinyl siding and texture. You can choose from a wide range of colors to different textures. This is an added benefit because unlike wood, vinyl doesn’t decay and requires very minimal maintenance. This is also one of the cheapest options if you are trying to stay within a certain budget.

Metal siding, although not as popular in Kansas, is a different look. It’s a very modern and unique look. The metal requires pretty much no maintenance and can withstand any type of weather that comes its way.

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Wood siding is a look that many people love. It draws a cozy feel of the mountains and nature. Although some maintenance may be required, the wood makes it easy to remove and replace pieces. Because it’s lightweight, the installation time drops and so does the price, making it more affordable.

The fourth type of siding is fiber siding. The fiber cement is a popular option because of its resemblance to wood without the possibilities of insect issues. It’s very durable and withstands all seasons. This siding requires a contractor, like Above and Beyond, to properly install because of its specific measurements and need of certain tools.


Brick or stone siding is becoming increasingly popular. Its look adds resale value to the home. It is classy and it lasts a lifetime and require no maintenance. The brick or stone siding is fire resistant and durable. Though it can be expensive and time consuming to install, the ending product is well worth it all.

Siding with Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond knows our siding like the back of our hands. Because we specialize in construction and remodeling, one task we do more than others is siding. It is a very important aspect of building and one that we take very seriously. We value our finished projects and when the siding is installed properly, the ending result is satisfaction and beauty.

We proudly serve multiple cities in the state of Kansas from Wichita, Derby, Rose Hill, Goddard, Park City, Haysville, Andover, Augusta, Valley Center, and more. Because we’ve been all around the state, we know each area and what suits each place best.

Your house is your home and we want you to take pride in where you live. After reviewing neighborhood specifications, climate changes, and your own customization’s, we will give you a free estimate for your siding options.

Our staff at Above and Beyond works diligently and quickly to bring you the house you’ve been dreaming of. The staff has years of experience and multiple projects under their belts to make sure we always complete the siding project properly. In the end, our goal is install a perfect siding material that requires you little to no maintenance and stays within your budget.

From projects that require multiple kinds of materials to matching existing material after a damaged chimney needed fixing, we can do it all. Take a look at our pictures and services for our finest work. Each and every project is important to us and we want to make sure we meet your needs and provide you with a sturdy, durable and stylish siding for your home.

Did you ask, “where is a seamless vinyl siding installer near me?” Above and Beyond Roofing and Construction is located at 401 E. Grand #401 Haysville, KS 67060 and we service the 50 mile radius around the greater Wichita area. Want quicker service? Call 316-719-2819