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Above and Beyond Fence Installation Wichita, KS

Fence Builder – Above and Beyond specializes in fence installation and fence construction. We know our business when it comes to fences. With our wide variety of fence materials and fence panels, we can be sure to give your home exactly what it needs.

Fence and railing

Tell us about your fencing needs

Because of our wide range of options with building a fence, we can sit down and talk with you to go over all the possibilities. We can find complimentary styles to your home look and color. We can discuss pricing options and what best fits your budget. With different materials always in stock, Above and Beyond can give your house the update it deserves.

Having a fence can mean one of many things: security, looks, square footage and more. Because a fence becomes such a big feature of your home, you will want it done right and done well the first time around. Above and Beyond takes pride in our diligence and effort to provide you the best fence possible.

Service and install residential and commercial fencing

Kansas is home to many construction and fencing contractors, but only one can provide you with the service, installation and customer service you deserve. We will keep you updated every step of the way and work with you to ensure a smooth process. Home improvement is a big deal and you should be able to decide what it is you want, at the right price, and know that you will receive exactly that. With our residential and commercial fencing, we provide customers with care, effort, time and savings.

Fence Builder - Fence and railing

Because of budgets and limitations due to home locations and guidelines, we have multiple materials to work with:

  • 1. Wood
  • 2. Chain-link
  • 3. Ornamental iron
  • 4. Picket
  • 5. Vinyl
  • 6. Privacy fences
  • 7. Contemporary
  • 8. Security
  • 9. Farm and ranch
  • 10. A variety of gate styles
  • 11. Bollards

Fence Installation and Repair

Fences are an important feature and we make sure our installation is seamless. If you already have a fence, we can repair your fence to be even better than it was before. With the vast amount of materials in stock, we can repair all sorts of fences, no matter the style.

White PVC Fence

Fence Ideas:

  • 1. Wooden Fence
  • 2. Wrought iron fence
  • 3. Chain link fence
  • 4. Custom Fencing
  • 5. Security Fences
  • 6. Fence Gates
  • 7. Remote gates and control systems

Wooden fences

Wooden fences are ideal for privacy and security. These types of fences are taller than most and are held close together. If you are looking to make your backyard your private getaway, let us transform your yard into a private setting. The look of wooden fences is also very popular in the Kansas area because of the classiness and the low maintenance.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fences are also another fan favorite of Kansas. Though these allow for more visibility into your yard, the rods are classy and add details. They are clean cut and make your yard look nice and neat. Because of the black color, these are very low maintenance and don’t require much upkeep. These last for many years and stand strong against all weather.

Chain Link

Chain link fences are used in a wide variety of settings from residential to commercial use. It’s strength and corrosion resistance makes it appealing to many customers and residential owners. They are easy to install and are also another little to no maintenance fence.

Custom fencing is anything you want it to be. We can sit down with you and map out whatever it is you want. No dream is impossible with Above and Beyond.

Security Fences

Security fences are best for homes and commercial buildings that are heavily populated or to keep out unwanted animals. Security fences provide physical security and allow you to ease your mind from the great outdoors.

Fence Gates

Fence gates can be installed and constructed for many kinds of fences. The easy gate access gives you the option to come and go as you please and keeps the outside mess, outside. Don’t worry about tracking mud, water, grass or other outside elements inside. Gates give you easy access for all your needs and wants and still look clean and complimentary to your home or commercial building. Some fence gates have the capacity to be remote controlled. If you choose a hands-free system, we will install our control systems fence gate for the best backyard optimization.

Why we do what we do:

We start from the moment you call and work diligently until we finish. We contract for both residential and commercial fencing. No job is impossible for Above and Beyond.

We have years of experience. Give us a call and we can send you before and after pictures of all of our fencing projects. We are available at 316-719-2819 for any and all inquiries about fences. We also offer free estimates so you can determine how our plan matches your budget.

Fences are an important part of your home or business. We value our customers and know our customers value their homes and commercial buildings. Allow us to take a look at what it is you want and work with you to best provide the optimal fencing installations. We have worked in cities all over Kansas from Wichita to Derby, to Rose Hill, Goddard, Park City, Haysville, Andover, Augusta, Valley Center, and more. We know all the areas around Kansas because we’ve worked in many of them.

We’re here to assist you in turning your home or business into everything you’ve ever wanted. Home and business improvement is something that should be done perfectly and done right the first time. Leave it up to Above and Beyond to ensure your fence project will be our main priority. As you look for a fence that provides security, aesthetic features to your address, adding square footage or whatever the reason may be, Above and Beyond will provide you with a fence that meets all your needs. We take every job seriously and no matter the size or capacity, your fence will look spectacular.

Did you ask, “where is a fence builder near me?” Above and Beyond Roofing and Construction is located at 401 E. Grand #401 Haysville, KS 67060 and we service the 50 mile radius around the greater Wichita area. Want quicker service? Call 316-719-2819