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In case of an emergency, egress windows provide a space large enough to enter or exit. Egress windows are typically paired with an egress well, ladder or even an egress window well cover. This gives an optimal pathway for escape or entrance with easy steps and protection.

Concrete Egress WindowsConcrete Egress Window Wells

Though egress windows are essential to some homes, the regulations and rules are strict. Above and Beyond is here to make sure your egress window is ready to be constructed, is repaired or is altered in some way to meet all guidelines. Egress windows may get a bad rep for not always looking the best or complimenting your home or commercial building nicely. However, with Above and Beyond egress window construction or installation, your egress window will look beautiful with a garden, wooden steps or paved walkways. Let’s take a look to see all of our possibilities with egress windows.

Egress Window Features

First and foremost, egress windows provide safety. In the event of flooding, this makes sure an easy escape route. Fires often times take homes by storm and make it difficult to escape. Egress windows give you and your family a place to safely exit your home unharmed. If your basement has a bedroom, it’s the law to have one egress window located downstairs.

Egress windows are perfect for brightening the room with natural sunlight or echoing the calm sound of spring rain falling down. Just because you need an egress window for safety doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice looks. We can optimize your egress window to have wooden steps, perfect for displaying plants, small bushes or even cacti. With the great seasons of harvest in Kansas, your egress window will be the perfect spot to grow beautiful plants and gardens and within view of your basement window.

When constructing your basement, egress windows pass for waterproofing of your basement. Because basements fall subject to many issues in the event of flooding, fires or other emergencies, egress windows are an easy installation that gives you peace of mind.

We have worked with many homes in Kansas and have optimized the installation of an egress window. Give us a call to see our completed projects and talk about the possibilities of what we can do for you. We offer free estimates so it’s a no hassle call, but you’ll learn lots of information. Egress windows are an important safety feature of a home, but we can make it so that these windows are so much more than that. We can turn egress windows into anything your mind can imagine and turn your basement window into a beautiful feature.

Our operations and installations of egress windows can be performed for brand new windows or current egress windows that need an update. Whether your basement is new or old, we have you covered. We take precautions to plan and map our projects before ever constructing the window. Above and Beyond makes sure our foundation and plan is set in order to construct the window perfectly.

Stone and Concrete Egress Window WellStone and Concrete Egress Window Well

Egress window types and designs

Egress windows come in all different shapes, sizes, and style. From wooden wells to vinyl double pane windows to double hung, sliding or casement windows.

Double hung windows overlap horizontally. The bottom part of the window is normally the part that opens upward, allowing for an exit. These types of egress windows are a very common style and found in many homes throughout Kansas.

Sliding windows open from side to side. Like the double hung windows, these are sectioned off into two segments. These windows reflect the look of a sliding door and move along the bottom panel. These are a classy look as it reflects much of a doorway.

The last type of egress window is a casement window. Casement windows open and close just like a door. Normally, a handle maneuvers the window to open from one side of the window to the other on the vertical axis. This allows for the entire window to open and a bigger space to exit through.

Egress Window Wells

After the type of window is set in place, we can discuss the type of well constructed. Wells are the area outside of the window that gets you to higher ground. There are requirements when dealing with wells as well. The distance from the egress window to the back of the Egress well must be at least 36”. The minimum area of the egress well must be 9 square feet.

Egress window wells require ladders or steps so that the escape route is easy to get through. Steps and ladders are vital to getting out of the basement and onto safe ground. If there is cover to the well, this must be easily opened. If the removal is difficult, this could endanger you and your family.

Egress Window Requirements:

Double hung windows must clear 24 inches top to bottom. These windows must be 35 inches wide as well. Remember, this is your escape route. It must be able to allow anyone to pass through without issue.

Because of the sliding door motion, the sliding windows must be a minimum of 41 inches high and reach 40 inches wide after opening.

Since casement windows act like doors, these windows can have the same regulations as either of the other two types of egress windows. The requirements for these measurements are 24×34 inches or 20×41 inches. However, the door-like structure makes the requirement inches pertain to the entire window instead of how far they need to open.

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Egress window size chart

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Egress Window Size ChartEgress Window Size Chart

Egress Window Requirements Explained

Above and Beyond works with our customers to make sure both of our parties are aware of the rules and regulations. Though we find it valuable for the customer to be aware of all the steps in our process when installing and constructing on their homes. Give us a call at 316-719-2819 and we will give you a free estimate. From there, when we determine exactly what you want, we make sure we do it exactly right.

Because egress windows are primarily for safety, the law has multiple rules and regulations to make sure the windows actually provide the assistance they are built for. There are laws in place for the size of the windows, the location, the structure and more.

Egress Window Safety Study

An average of 130 people were killed and 940 injured in below-grade residential fires each year and an average of 18,200 fires a year were reported in lower-level living areas according to a four-year study by the National Fire Protection Association. (Sources: Home Safety Solutions and the National Fire Protection Association)

Egress WindowsMolded Plastic Egress Window Wells

The importance of having egress windows installed by Above and Beyond…

Above and Beyond meets all the codes and requirements every time. Egress windows must be large enough for all members to escape and exit with little to no trouble in the event of an emergency. From the outside structure to the inside window, there are many things that must be met in order to abide by the rules. We have you covered in every aspect, no problem.

The IRC 2015 or International Residential Code regulates and provides guidelines for all egress windows for all families in the nation. Egress windows are meant to keep you safe. That’s why we take the utmost care in ensuring the safety measures are taken so that your egress window is in place if an emergency situation arises.

Egress windows must be in any room or bedroom that can be used for sleeping. Basements require egress windows because of the issues that arise when fires or other emergency situations break out in the home. Egress windows work as an escape route and without one, you may be at risk, or your loved ones may be at risk in a trap with no way to exit. Most basements, regardless of the use, will need an egress window. Even if the basement is unoccupied, an egress window must be present so that there is an emergency exit for whenever a situation may need an exit.

Egress window requirements also pertain to the amount of natural light that is let in and the height of all the windows. Above and Beyond has diligently looked into all requirements. When we talk about building or remodeling your egress window, we will cover each and every requirement. Your safety is the most important reason in building an egress window and we want to make sure it’s done right.

Egress WindowsEgress Window and Metal Window Well

Did you ask, “where are some egress window installers near me?” Above and Beyond Roofing and Construction is located at 401 E. Grand #401 Haysville, KS 67060 and we service the 50 mile radius around the greater Wichita area. Want quicker service? Call 316-719-2819