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No matter what time of year it is, decks are always one of the best features of a home. In the summer, invite over the friends for an outdoor picnic with the summer sun coming down and the sounds of birds and laughter fill the air. In the middle of winter, light the fire pit on the deck and snuggle up with some warm cocoa as snowflakes drift through the crisp air.

Deck Builders Wichita KS - Beautiful elevated deck with ramp - Wheel Chair Accessible for Special Needs and Disability Needs

Decks have become a small feature of a home with a lasting impression. Make memories on your deck for years to come. Above and Beyond knows how to build and remodel decks to best serve your needs and wants to last for seasons to come.

Types of decks

There are all kinds of decks. There are wooden decks, wood deck tiles, cedar decks, , composite decks, decks with fire pits, painted wooden decks, and so many more. It’s important to research and know what kind of specific deck you want. We’ve seen and built decks of all kinds and can cater your deck to fit your lifestyle.


Wood Decks

Of all the deck possibilities, wood decks are the best. There are wide ranges of materials we can use to suit your needs and create the best looking deck for you:

  • a. Cedar
  • b. Composite
  • c. Pressure Treated
  • d. Redwood

Deck Builder - Large Custom Wood Deck

To start, we have a cedar deck. Cedar decks are unmatched in beauty as the natural wood gives your home the look and feel of perfection. Cedar is composed of real wood and also comes at a cheaper rate than most wood deck materials. This is one of the best woods for decks because of its low cost and appealing look.

Composite decks are made of a wood fiber that bond with recycled polyethylene. The best part about composite decks is the low maintenance of the material. It’s easy to wash, clean and continue to upkeep as each season comes and goes.

Composite Deck Builders Wichita KS

More benefits of composite decking:

  • 1. Safety – composite is slip-resistant and splinter free, and it is completely barefoot friendly.
  • 2. Maintenance – Super easy to clean and you don’t need to paint, stain, or seal it.
  • 3. Durable – Where standard decks can weather, meaning they can fade and warp. Even during harsh rains, ice and snow and blistering heat, composite material is perfectly suited to environmental impacts and will last much longer. Because of its UV-stability, it won’t crack or disintegrate due to sun exposure. Also, no mold issues and the material won’t split. Composite decks will last up to 30 years.
  • 4. Design – Visual pleasing and can match the look of traditional lumber. Comes in a variety of colors that will compliment your outdoor living space.
  • 5. Cost – The initial cost of wood in most cases are less in comparison to composite. However, when you add in the cost of maintenance for a wood deck, the benefits a wood-plastic composite deck outweighs the traditional wood material.
  • 6. Environment – Many composites are made from waste such as sawdust, used plastic milk bottles and shopping bags – materials that would have ended up in a landfill.


Pressure-treated wood decks are a bit different than the last two. It is an anti-rot material that doesn’t break the bank. The material allows for a staining process that embellishes the look and gives your home the perfect deck for those exposed to multiple elements in nature.

Redwood decks – The look of the deck comes darker than most but compliments any home well. It can last well over a decade for those who plan to maintain the deck and continue to use the deck throughout the year.

Wood Deck Designs

When you design or remodel a deck, it’s important to think about the aesthetics of the deck. A deck expands your home. Imagine summer, fall, winter and spring. If your dream deck would draw you out there for each season, let’s get to building.

Custom built wood deck metal bars instead of spindles on deck railing

Deck design and uses should be multi-purpose. You should be able to eat, drink, hangout, play cards, take pictures, or view the scenery. At the same time your deck is allowing for more square footage of your home, it blocks views of unwanted sights, and allows for your home to be more versatile.

The design and style of the deck can allow for the expansion of your home but also act as a complimentary feature. Depending on the deck material, you can add a unique look. Design a deck with darker redwood to draw a more urban look that blends in with the colors of nature. Perhaps you want a deck that allows you to paint and change the stain color to give your house various looks, A pressure-treated deck gives you the options to change your deck and revamp your look as you please. Your house may be of a certain color or development and decks can match and compliment any shade or look of any home.

Cute front porch/deck with wheelchair ramp

Wood Decks Ideas:

As season change, so should your deck. Build your deck to be as changing as the months of the year. At Above and Beyond, we can create a deck that stands strong in the summer heat while allowing your children to camp out for a summer night. Customize your deck to have a grill, sink and other kitchen appliances to have the perfect set up for a summer grill.

Perhaps you enjoy the winter months more and expect to spend your time outside the colder it gets. Add a deck with a spot for a hot tub or one with a long balcony to sit and glance as deer pass through the winter snow.

Custom built wood deck fitted around an above ground swimming pool

Wood decks have the capacity to turn themselves into anything you want. Decks can be a welcoming place where neighbors and friends meet to watch the summer fireworks as the kids run up and down the stairs to get a piece of watermelon. Your yard is your property and your place to turn it into anything you want. Let your deck be an open space for possibilities that a home needs to become your playground.

Tell us about your deck building needs

Custom built large wood deck with metal railing

Above and Beyond has years of experience in deck construction. We can remodel your deck or build a new one from the ground up. We’ve seen lots of ideas and designs and can offer you advice on what could suit you and your family best. We want you to feel as comfortable on your deck sitting with the family as you do in your living room. Your deck is your home and we want to build you the best addition to your home for years to come.

Deck Construction

When it comes to building the newest addition to your home, there is time and planning into wood decks. Multiple aspects come in to play with constructing a deck: weather, size, levels of a deck, special features, location and more. We ensure to provide you with the utmost care to securely add on a deck and a new piece to your home.


With cedar, composite, pressure-treated and redwood deck materials, you have your choice to construct your deck. All of our materials are picked out for durability and use. We want you to use your deck regularly so we plan and construct a deck to withstand anything that comes its way.

Rain or shine, we want your deck to last for years and years. Although different materials withstand different elements, we build and construct your deck to stand tall and strong. We make sure the foundation is sturdy and our specialized staff constructs the deck with precision.

Let’s start turning your ideas into a blueprint that will turn into your new home. Each season that rolls by, we want you to enjoy the change with a new deck. We take certain measures to produce a deck in a time-frame specified between the two of us so you can have it ready for your next cup of hot cocoa or your next family BBQ.

Cedar front porch deck on red brick home

Wood Decks Cost

Wooden decks can cost an arm and a leg but Above and Beyond makes sure to make your deck runs cost efficient and effective. Decks run by square footage as well as installation charges. Our team works fast to save your time and money while also ensuring a complete deck with perfect installation.

Wood Decks Calculator

Composite Deck Designs

Sometimes our seasons are busy and we don’t have as much time to keep up with a wood deck. Composite decks are ideal for those on the go and still value the outside but want to enjoy the simplicity without the hassle. Composite decks can add value and a new feature to your home that expands the size and look.

Composite decks run smoothly and look sleek. More homes are adding composite decks because of the look, the low cost and the low maintenance of the deck material.
These decks make it easy to shape your deck how you want. You can add rounded sitting areas around the corner of your house or add multiple levels for a multi-purpose deck. For example, one area can be for the fire place while a few steps up is the table and a few steps over is for your gardening and deck scenery.

Composite Deck Ideas:

Composite decks can mix and match to any idea you have. Your seasons come with different needs and wants and so do composite decks. These decks can add many dimensions to your house. The material is easier to bend and mold, thus allowing for your dream to be as detailed as you want.

Composite Decks

Other Beneficial Home Additions

Not only can your backyard or front porch be “decked” out by our decks, we can add carports, gutters and patio covers. Your home is where you live each and every day. Expand your home to become everything you’ve ever dreamed of with new home additions.

More and more people are adding carports to their homes for a complimentary look versus a garage. Carports can be a stylish and modern addition without breaking the bank. Our Above and Beyond construction of carports allows for safety for your vehicle while still giving your home a new makeover. The weather is always going to change but our policy for providing the best protection and building the best additions for your home never will alter. We pride ourselves in making homes better than our customers could ever expect.

With gutters and patio covers, we allow for homes to go against any climate or serve changes and in Kansas, we know that’s something that’s important. We offer these additional benefits to your home because we all have our dream home. With these additions, your dream home is closer than you think!

Wood Decks Wichita KS

Kansas is brutal when it comes to changing seasons, but us Kansans embrace the seasons. Above and Beyond serves Wichita, Derby, Rose Hill, Goddard, Park City, Haysville, Andover, Augusta, Valley Center, and more. We know Kansas like the back of our hand. After all, we are from here. Let us build your perfect deck, carport, gutter system or cover to allow for your home to withstand all of the beautiful seasons of Kansas and turn your home into your dream house.

Wheelchair Ramp Front Porch Deck

Above and below images display a custom handicap accessible wheel chair ramp and deck crafted by Above and Beyond Roofing and Construction.

Wheelchair Ramp Front Porch Deck

Did you ask, “where are some deck builders near me?” Above and Beyond Roofing and Construction is located at 401 E. Grand #401 Haysville, KS 67060 and we service the 50 mile radius around the greater Wichita area. Want quicker service? Call 316-719-2819