Residential Construction

Above and Beyond Residential Construction

When it comes to living locations, Above and Beyond has years of experience in residential construction. Your living quarters is more than just the walls around you and the ceiling and floor below you. With our residential construction, we make sure apartments, houses, duplexes, and condos become more like homes.

Residential Construction

Our goal with residential construction is to build your home up better, sturdier and faster. We want your home to be your home again as soon as possible and better than it ever was before.

Residential Construction Planning

When your problems arise with residential construction, we are just one call away. From there, we take the time and effort to analyze the situation and plan accordingly. A home is a delicate place and we use our specialized staff to work on the task immediately.

We want to make sure you are getting exactly what you need and more than you could imagine. Call us today to get a free estimate. With our knowledgeable staff with years of experience, we can better serve you and your home the right way the first time.

Residential Construction

Our planning process begins with listening to your needs and wants, analyzing the situation, determining the best way to fix the problem and begin specific planning. We will find where we can fix the issue and build it up to last longer than it did the first time. We check out rules and regulations so everything is in line with inspection.

We work with all parties of the residential location. If you live in your own home, we will make sure we hear exactly how you want your house to look and where you want us to work. If you need an apartment complex restored in one spot or all over, we will work with the landlords or property managers and tenants to ensure a smooth project.

Residential Construction

Under Construction

Above and Beyond takes each and every project serious with the utmost importance. We constantly evaluate our plan, the situation at end and if we can minimize time while maximizing efficiency. We document before and after pictures as well as document the satisfaction of our customers. While under construction, we include the customer during each part so they are never blind sided by what is going on. After all, it is your home you are trusting us with. So we want to keep you in the loop! We are constantly analyzing the cost, reducing cost in areas where possible, changing orders and processes when it will better suit the task at hand and keep a scheduling control to maintain timing. It’s important to us that we get your residential construction completed in the right time so you can relax knowing you’ve been helped above and beyond your needs.

Residential Construction Ideas:

Residential construction ideas can be anything from fixing sidewalks in your front yard to upscaling your fireplace. We can change framework, restructure windows, walls, garages and carports, decks, doors, woodwork, and so much more.

Start to think about what you could do to your house if you could make a big change. Maybe you want detailed window seals. Perhaps you want a new and improved set of ceiling fans. It could be that your doorway needs to appear more welcoming. Above and Beyond has the experience to help with all your residential needs while also keeping costs low.

New Construction

If you’ve had your sights on a new walkway leading to your door or adding a decorative egress window well, you’re in luck. We do these services day in and day out. We have plenty of experience with all of your home building needs. We’ve turned empty land into brand new sheds. We’ve turned run-down brick entryways into beautiful wooden decks. Our new construction is built with a plan and we never fail to follow through.

We start our construction with careful planning and project planning. We think about all the aspects we will need: measurements, materials, tools, landscaping, state rules and regulations and careful floor planning. We will scout the area to ensure we are not digging or drilling anywhere new that we shouldn’t be.

After planning, we take a look at potential costs and try to minimize costs while maximizing our efforts. Our skilled staff won’t procrastinate on the job. Above and Beyond values our workers and entrust in them to build you the perfect new home addition.

With our team comes time management and scheduling control. We want to make sure your project is as important to us as it is to you. We will show our commitment by working quickly yet effectively. We want you back in your home as soon as possible and we put forth our best effort to get you there.
Our construction phase is the easy phase as we’ve already planned and speculated everything we need to in order to best serve the project. From here, we simply put the puzzle pieces together and build from the ground up.

Once finished, we work with you to explain our progress, show you our success and make sure you are fully satisfied. We issue our safety rules as well as our warranty so you know we are always at your service, even after our project is completed.


Above and Beyond loves to take out the old and bring in the new. Everything needs an update every once in awhile. Let us be your go to team to secure and replace anything that needs done. Our staff has worked custom projects for years. Give us a call to talk about what needs fixing and we will offer suggestions, advice, recommendations and a free estimate!

Residential Construction

Service & Maintenance:

Our pride and joy is in our service to our customers. We work diligently to give you the best we can. Our residential construction services expand in a wide variety. We offer outdoor adjustments and landscaping, like fences, gates, gutters, concrete and more! We also have years of experience in wood framing, roofing, doors, frames, flooring, carpets and tiles, mirrors, drywall, and other interior design.

Not only do we remodel homes and apartment complexes, we also work construction for retail, worship, senior living, higher education, corporate and more. We are knowledgeable in all fields of construction, ensuring you that we know exactly what we are doing.

We are never limited to what we can do, so that you are never limited in your home improvement. Give us a call and allow us to expand your home and rebuild your residential spot to be everything you could ever imagine.

Residential Construction Cost

In our efforts to ensure a smooth and seamless project, we keep our customers in the loop. We want you to know what you’re paying for and see it in action.

Residential Construction Wichita KS

Located in Wichita, KS, we serve to customers all along the Midwest. From Wichita and Derby, to Rose Hill, Goddard, Park City, Haysville, Andover, Augusta, Valley Center, and more. Call us to make sure your home becomes more than just another living quarter but becomes your dream house.

Did you ask, “where is a commercial construction contractor near me?” Above and Beyond Roofing and Construction is located at 401 E. Grand #401 Haysville, KS 67060 and we service the 50 mile radius around the greater Wichita area. Want quicker service? Call 316-719-2819